The Essential App For Networking

The BizPrompt App is a simple and straightforward reminder system for you.

All of the key principles of networking apply. You have to decide who is in your network and you have to prioritise each contact as priority 1, 2 or 3. Then you load up your contacts into the BizPrompt App and allow it to do all the hard work, reminding you when to contact each of the people in your network. Priority 1 will be monthly reminders, priority 2 once a quarter and you will be prompted to connect with your priority 3 contacts twice a year.


The BizPrompt App

You can load up your contacts from your Outlook, Gmail or other email contact lists. It is all very intuitive and simple – we didn’t want to over-complicate things!

Our App has plenty of capacity, but we would remind you that it is difficult to have meaningful social relationships with countless people – Dunbar’s Number is around 150, so it’s best to aim for around that number of contacts in your network in total. You can increase that number on the app. How you prioritise those people is up to you, but you will soon develop your own rhythm to your networking.

Do remember that as you add and grow your network, so you should constantly be evaluating who might drop out of the network – otherwise you will end up with a large and unwieldy database of contacts.


The BizPrompt App

So – to use the BizPrompt App effectively, you have to do three things:

  1. Create a list of the people in your network, ensuring the list isn’t too long. Remember why they are in your network and the reason for connecting with them.
  2. Prioritise each of your contacts – 1 – if you want to connect with them monthly, 2 – if you want to connect quarterly and 3 – if you want to connect with them twice a year.
  3. Let BizPrompt work for you – allow the App to remind you when to touch base with your contacts and then make the connection meaningful when you text , email or give them a call. The App will automatically reset the reminders if you contact them from it.

It’s no more complicated than that and using BizPrompt will enable you to manage and maintain your network in a simple and straightforward way. It will be your personal contact relationship management system and we’re confident that you will soon be unable to remember how you networked effectively without it. Good luck!


How to become a natural networker

 21st-Century Networking guides readers on how to take a pragmatic and practical approach to developing this core skill.

Including chapters on how to assess your networks, developing your personal brand, the softer skills of networking, using social media and making networking part of your everyday life, 21st-Century Networking is filled with case studies to bring the theory to life through real examples. In tandem with a new networking app being launched by start-up BizPrompt this year, 21st-Century Networking explains everything you need to become the consummate networker.



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